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Located at: 111 Canal Street, Nottingham, NG1 7HB

Fletchers has been established since 2021 within the Nottingham College City Hub campus.

One of most well known parts of Fletchers is our commericial restaurant that is staffed by Nottingham College Catering and Hospitality students who get the opportunity to be trained by industry professionals.

The restaurant is also a college learning environment, so it is only open during college term time. In addition to the restaurant, Fletchers also boasts a 200-seater theatre for performance/theatre shows with Nottingham College Performing Arts students putting on great shows.

Did you know: The history behind Fletchers Dining Theatre and Events goes back over 10 years? Find out more about the history behind Fletchers and how it came to be what it is today!

Before Fletchers there was Adams!

The restaurant was previously known as Adams Restaurant and Brasserie and was based in the Nottingham College Adams Building (formerly New College Nottingham) situated in the historic Lace Market area housed within a grade-II-listed building.

The restaurant has been instrumental in the development of future staff for the hospitality industry for over ten years while operating within the Adams Building. Adams Restaurant and Brasserie is credited to have trained hundreds of budding chefs and front of house staff since it first opened in the majestic Adams Building - as well as serving top quality food to the paying public at a very reasonable price.

As part of the development of the Nottingham College City Hub campus, Adams Restaurant and Brasserie would move from the Adams Building to its new home in the City Hub campus.

The big move and rebrand

As 2020 saw us bid a fond farewell to the Adams Restaurant and Brasserie and turn the page to look ahead to our exciting move to superb new facilities in Nottingham College City Hub.

With the original Adams Restaurant name being tied to the Adams Building (with the building itself being named after the original owner Thomas Adams) Nottingham College commenced with a rebrand and the restaurant opened as Fletchers in January 2021.

The Nottingham College City Hub features a state-of-the-art restaurant facility with all the latest equipment for Catering and Hospitality students at Nottingham College to learn their craft as future chefs.

Fletchers continues to strive to offer today's quality dining experience with tomorrow's future stars. Staffed by students supervised by industry professionals.

With the rebrand, the vision of the new Fletchers brand was dining, theatre and events as a whole experience, further expanding on the success of existing restaurant service and incorporating the theatre into the brand also.

Performing Arts Theatre

Since early 2022, Fletchers has been running theatre/performance shows from its purpose built 200-seater theatre, also situated within the City Hub campus and directly opposite the restaurant. We run a wide range of shows which are created by Nottingham College Performing Arts students, who are supported by faculty staff across a wide range of disciplines including Acting, Dance and Musical Theatre.

Like our restaurant, shows will also typically run during term-time only, but we put on many shows throughout the year. These shows usually operate alongside the evening service of the restaurant so you can enjoy a drink at our bar or an evening meal before the show!

We look forward to welcoming you in our state-of-the-art theatre fitted with latest array of industry standard equipment for students to train and learn while offering members of the public the opportunity to be able to purchase tickets to shows through our website and enjoy the variety of shows and performances.